Mosquito Red

A beer for all occasions: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There’s a smooth malt flavor with subtle roasted malt notes that contribute a bit of dryness as well as providing the deep red hue you would expect. The hops contribute a citrusy aroma and flavor with just enough bitterness to complement the malty sweetness.

 Bull Frog Stout

Winter was made for stouts. We don’t disagree, but we made our stout for the Spring and Fall— OK, and Summer, too.  For a medium body that’s not too filling and a distinctive dry-roasted bitterness in the finish, we put roasted barley and roasted malt to work to create an aroma that defines the character of this beer.

 Bay Front Pale Ale

This is an American style Pale Ale: light in body, pale gold in color, with a sweet malt character from the addition of crystal malt. Hops are the center of this beer. This highly hopped pale ale has a bright citrus and pine aroma, which carries through into the flavor, with a subtle fruitiness from the hops.

 Wild Duck India Pale Ale

Well, it’s finally come to this, we knew it had to at some point because everyone loves a good IPA. This IPA is a bold, assertive Northwest IPA that understands what hops and malt are for.  Wild Duck IPA has a nice mouthful of hops with a big malt back bone and enough bitterness to hold it all together. Influenced by the home of the American IPA and all the great brewers and breweries of the Northwest, this brew is sure to make you long for the cloudy, wet, rainy days that good beer was made for.

  Midnight Sun Black IPA

A medium bodied black IPA with pine, citrus, and lemon flavors from hopping throughout the boil.  The malting provides a subdued roast flavor with notes of caramel and chocolate on the end. A nice balance of malt and hops throughout, creating a dark a night, black IPA.

  Firefly Rye Ale

The Fire Fly Rye Ale is an American Pale Ale, golden in color with a light body, mild in flavor. It has a crisp finish with a spiciness from the rye, which goes well with any food.